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  1. Brilliant! Thanks paul2009 – works a treat!
  2. https://www.decarde.com/cart pw: decarde-official
  3. Does anyone know what code i would need to change the Checkout Page header from "Shopping Cart" to "Shopping Bag"? Perhaps I somehow need to target cartTitle or CartHeader? many thanks
  4. In my view, 7 and 7.1 have different uses. Before building it's important to note which one serves it's purpose best. 7 is still the best for customisation in my view, but am quite new to 7.1.
  5. I've seen your solution. I even wrote you a message via your website - maybe you didn't get it... I need to know if it's possible to customise it to look similar to the above and make it full-screen (or at least enlarge the pop-up considerably?) thanks
  6. Site URL: https://oval-orange-fbf7.squarespace.com I would like too add an Age Verification page when a visitor comes to our site like this: Does anyone know if this is possible in Squarespace 7.1? Thank you!
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