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  1. Sorry for the late reply. There are two Summary Blocks on the page - one is located under the headline 'Events' and not showing anything (this is the one, where I would like the 'no upcoming events' text), while the other is showing the latest blogposts (the one in your screenshot). Maybe the problem is that there are two Summary Blocks on the page?
  2. I tried to insert the code in the site footer injection area, but it's still not working. Would be great if you would take a look at it. Link to the page: https://www.rumligcph.dk/hjem The Summary Block is located under the 'Events' headline. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I thought that was in relation to disabling Ajax, haha. I've tried to insert the code in my Index page header injection, but it doesn't seem to be working. I don't have Ajax enabled. I'm using the Stella template - do you think this might be why it's not working?
  4. Hi @paul2009 I'm in the exact same pickle as alicroft, but I'm unable to see the answer, you provided. Do you know why that is? Would love an answer to this problem!
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