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  1. I'm new here but understand a bit about website builders and software. 1. Before choosing a template is there a chart or table that compares the limits/features of templates or categories of templates, such as # of pages allowed, total file size restriction, max/min image dimensions, column/total widths, etc.? Is there a generic layout map with a filter function that describes all templates for instance to see "all templates with static left side navigation" or "all with a crumb trail?" 2. Can I begin to build the same presentation on 3-4 templates at once, so a comparison can be made as they progress? 3. Are templates simply about looks, with all at a given price level then sharing all technical functions? Or does chosing a template limit subsequent function?
  2. I would suggest starting with and empty browser you click through it opening each page in a new tab. Looks to be perhaps 10-15 tabs of info. Given this overview, of the extent, you could then pick a template that was similar. One point, the start photo is a huge mistake, you don't illuminate a blouse with glaring sunlight then leave the face in the relative dark. My first impression is that the site was about the shirt. Easy to fix, but was not noticed by the creator, which is telling. PS I think you would want to ask, What's the name of this template? perhaps then someone would jump to help you with exact info.
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