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  1. Hi, thanks for your answer, I have already add the sitemap, the site is online from end of March. It's very strange that the page doesn't appear anywhere. Don't you think there is something strange? Thanks a lot, Michelangelo
  2. Hi, We developed a site using Squarespace. Everything was pretty easy to do. The interface is very user friendly and everything was OK. My problems started after I put the site online (https://www.anacristinadeoliveira.com). I followed all the instructions but the site didn't appear in any google search and I don't know what is wrong! Somebody may help me? Best Regards, Michelangelo
  3. Hi, why I'm not able to register? I'm not able to put my information and confirmation, something wrong? I'm using MACos with Catalina. Thanks, regards, Michelangelo
  4. Hi, I would like to know which template is using this site: www.maria-borges.com. How can I find? Regards,
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