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  1. Regarding that second question, what I was planning to do is just turn certain text into an affiliate link, is that possible? I could also live with being able to put a shortened URL next to where a book or whatever is mentioned. Will look into the pages you linked now 🙂
  2. Hello, I've started playing around with Squarespace and I have a few questions. I'll mostly be writing as a way to clarify thoughts on topics, but once in a while there may be a product that I genuinely use and like. 1 - I'm wondering if it's allowed to put affiliate links in personal site blogs? 2 - Do the links look messy, or is there flexibility in the ways they can be displayed in a blog post? 3 - Is this easy to do natively with Squarespace (personal / business?), or does this require 3rd party coding? Wondering what's a good option?
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