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  1. I have tried this code but does not seem to make any difference. Am using Brine 7.0 if that matters. I understand the user can change in the final checkout section ; and am ok with that I just want to limit the quantity of an item allowed in a cart. Do I insert the code under the product page, additional info, javascript? I tried that as well as Page Header Code Injection for the store page but neither seemed to do anything.
  2. I have set up a custom form in my checkout for users to select an option from a list of options provided via a drop down menu. Basically a list of approved locations they can choose from. I thought it worked perfectly but have now realized many skipped the dropdown choices by selecting nothing and then hitting continue; and this allowed them to submit the order without choosing a location. Squarespace does not force this selection apparently so now I have many people I need to individually reach out to and get their choice from. Is there any way I can force them to make a selection for future orders?
  3. If I setup the site to be in Test mode when the orders come in would they not get processed and I could manually re-enter them not in test mode. Clunky and not ideal but would that work? This would be a low order volume site. Maybe 1 a week on average. Only other thing I can think of is some sort of form to capture the orders instead of having customers using the cart but again requires me to then manually enter each into the checkout so that seems even worse than my Test mode thought. The warehouse receives 3000 orders a day through ShipStation which is why they cannot single out mine or give any human intervention/rules to my specific orders.
  4. I am starting a site that will accept orders, the orders are fulfilled by a warehouse partner that will be maintaining the inventory of my items and my site will be connected to their ShipStation account. Issue is I want to review and approve each order received before it goes automatically to the Warehouse partner for fulfillment. Anyway to do this? Basically when an order is received it would need me to mark it paid or approved before the information is sent into ship station. My problem is without this in between there is zero human intervention and the warehouse just processes everything sent into ship station. They won't review orders for errors or hold orders until I approve them. Thanks, Matt
  5. Thank you bangank36! I thought I was going to pay a designer to code something as I just not could get this to work but lucked into something that I actually prefer over my original request. Did not see your reply until now. I did use Summary Blocks in my solution (as you mentioned). Not finished yet, but think my solution will work which basically involved coding a BUY button on the same line as the title below each image and that works well on both mobile and desktop so far for the clickthrough and if the image itself is clicked will open in the Lightbox.
  6. Site URL: https://www.mattreynoldsphotography.com/naturescapes Currently I have multiple galleries that I would like to code so when clicked the individual images in the gallery open to a Lightbox on a computer/tablet (currently set this way) BUT on a mobile they instead go a click through URL to another area on my site Possible? The template allows for either on both platforms (Mobile or Computer) so can set each to click through URL currently but then would want the computer/tablets to ignore this and open in a lightbox. The site link above is to 1 gallery ; but I want to do the same on the 6 different Gallery Blocks I have.
  7. Site URL: https://www.mattreynoldsphotography.com/ Hello, hoping someone may be able to help. I am using the Avenue template. Have created a grid-gallery for images and have the box checked to open the image larger in a lightbox if clicked. For the individual images, I have titled each and for some I have a subtitle description area. On the desktop this works perfectly yet on Mobile my title and subtitle does not show up on the individual images when opened. On my phone there is a tiny button where I can enable to read it and then it shows but I don't think people will realize and want to force show it below the image each time. The same way it does on a desktop. Is there any code I can add to make this happen? www.MattReynoldsPhotography.com
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