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  1. @creedon Thanks for the help. Same thing, just tried on a different browser as well. Simply missing the image effects controls and I suspect it's the reasoning behind the background not appearing. Im pretty sure I had parallax setting on before.
  2. I'm also suffering from this. 25% of my section background simply aren't appearing, even after replacing the images. "Image Effect" is completely blank, no options at all. I have no Custom CSS.
  3. I've added a background video via YouTube link to a single section that I'd like to fill the entire user's screen. This mostly works on my smaller screens, such as my 13.6" MacBook Air, but if it's viewed on say a 24" iMac, the "fill screen" option does not actually fill the entire screen and huge blank area is exposed between the section and the footer. I'm not sure how to resolve. I've messed with the settings such as row count and spacing and gap, but nothing seems to do it. I see the note in the edit window which says, "Fill screen will expand the background height to fill a portion of the user’s screen." This note worries me, is a true fill screen not an option? How can I ensure that the background video/section, actually fills the entire users screen, no matter the size? Thanks! N
  4. Thanks @paul2009 Hmmm, bummer. Yeah, SquareSpace only allows uploaded videos 1 minute in length and Vimeo's free basic account flat out doesn't allow it, and I'm not ready to start paying for account to host background videos. Is there another free video hosting platform that SquareSpace will accept a link from which we are not aware of? It's situations link this that really showcase SquareSpaces limitations and frustrations. The more I use it, the more I see its shortcomings. I find it ridiculous that I'm "allowed 30 minutes of free video uploads" with a paid plan, but the videos can't be longer 1 minute each. This background video is just over 3min long @ 720p, nothing crazy. I should be able to use the 30 minutes in whatever denomination I see fit. That's my rant 🙂
  5. When using a youtube link as a background video in a section, the title of the video appears in the top left for a few seconds once it begins playing, as well as a 'copy link' icon on the top right. Its distracting and makes the site look cheap, in my opinion. I'd love to have the video load without the title and 'copy link' icon appearing. Anything I can add or change in the link itself to do so? Thanks! N
  6. I had this same issue. I ended up getting a SquareSpace support agent look into it. Unfortunately, the "Logo Wall" block is useless since it automatically crops to a specific aspect ratio, only work around is to crop each image to a specific ratio outside of SS before you upload it. Also, no option for "containing the image" in a specified image block size, the blocks all come out different sizes making the rows a mess if you were to add them one by one and there is no way to justify images to middle of the box to they are at least centered when placed next to each other. A HUGE oversight in my opinion, any image in any block should have the option to "contain" or "fit" the image, in its entirety, in the block without it resizing it. It shouldn't be this hard make image grids with logos, or anything else for that matter. HOWEVER, there is ONE option that basically works. Add a new section and add a 'gallery', pick the standard grid pattern. Then click the pencil in the section to edit the preferences. Set the gallery type to "Grid: Strips", upload your images/logos, then use the sliders for 'row height' and 'spacing' to get the number of columns and rows you desire. So far it hasn't cropped the images and it's looking pretty alright.
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