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  1. https://www.wmd-inc.net/members-listing/mary-kay-beauty-consultant-smb3c Thank you for any help
  2. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hi Guys, So I am wondering if there is a way to design my site in a way that it looks differently based on the platform that it is pulled up on? So I can design it 1 way for mobile & a separate way for desktop. I've heard these are called style sheets. Thanks all
  3. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hi Guys, So I am using a mark up to display a rating system on my member site profile pages. In the screen shot below...there will only be 1 row of stars. The goal is to be able to get the red, white & blue stars to be evenly spaced, like the 2nd line. The last star on the right (black & red) should be spaced a little more like it is in the top line. The text (where it says positive reviews, perfect reviews, etc...) needs to line up under the stars. And actually, it should read 10 positive reviews/star, 10 perfect reviews/star, exemplary reviews & 3 negative reviews/star Is there another tool besides the mark up that would work better for this or maybe I just need to better figure the code in the mark up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Really appreciate all the help. So, when I put the code to duplicate the header nav buttons, I get a syntax error and it says missing opening. Im guessing all the stuff in blue & purple needs to be removed?
  5. That's great! Thank you. Wanna try something different too. Anyway to duplicate my header nav buttons exactly as they are in the header, but into the footer? My about button has a drop down menu and the normal brine function wont allow that in the footer
  6. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hi Guys, Any way to code or otherwise so that I can get the primary nav buttons to stick at the top of the screen, even when scrolling down the page? Using the brine template & parallanx scrolling with multiple index pages on each displayed page. Thanks in advance!
  7. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hi All, Trying to get my footer to either have an image background, or be transparent to the page above it, like the bottom section of the header does to the page below it. Also, I want to duplicate my primary Nav buttons that are in the header, into the footer. The issue is that my 'About' nav button, is a folder, with link pages in it so that in the primary nav header, it functions as a drop down. This is apparently not an option through the normal function of Squarespace, so I'm looking for a way to code it. Thanks Guys!
  8. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hello out there, I have some custom CSS applied to my site for the purpose of using a custom created font, but there are several areas of text where the code doesn't apply and requires extra code to be entered in the CSS in order to change the font in said sections to my custom font. I am looking for a source for finding those specific lines of code. Thanks all
  9. I have not. So, I get that the 'your font is my custom font file name, but if I am trying to change the Blog Topography fonts, what specifically gets typed in to replace: class & selector & to & target & section? Hope that makes sense & thank you soo much!
  10. No, sorry for the confusion. I was using the nav buttons as an example. I need to change the font on this page: https://www.wmd-inc.net/members-listing/mary-kay-beauty-consultant The font that says Carmen Ruby Beck Mary Kay Skin Care Specialist That is controlled under Blog: Topography & Colors. But just like the nav buttons, I can only change the font by selecting from the drop down menu of google fonts. To make the nav buttons use my CSS, I had to use the code above. I need to know what code I need to put in my CSS to change the fonts in the Blog: Topography & Colors section
  11. Site URL: https://www.wmd-inc.net/ Hi Guys, I used this CSS code to change my Nav buttons to my CSS font: .Header-nav-item { font-family: Wolf-Man; I need to find the right code to do the same for all of the fonts under Blog: Topography & colors Thanks for any help
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