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  1. Ho ! I see you are the developer behind the Date picker extension.  I bought it earlier this day, I'm currently waiting for the extension to arrive in my mailbox.

    I just find it ridiculous that Squarespace doesn't come with basic HTML editing for the form content. It's painful if we want to extend our websites.

    For the store itself, the customers have to give a date of location for every product they are buying. The default squarespace date form is not very intuitive, so a need to get a date-picker for it.

  2. Hi.

    I need a date picker for my store, when I edit the checkout -> Additional Fields  -> Edit custom form I have the possibility to add custom form input for my checkout page. But the default date input is not a date picker. Do I have the possibility to add a custom form to my checkout using HTML/CSS ?

    I heard it can't be done with the checkout form for security reasons. Is this possible to add this kind of input for every product at once instead of editing it one by one ?


    Thank you for your help.

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