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  1. Hi there, I think after looking at my clients products and services he actually references filling out a form for more information about the coaching, trainings, and certifications. So I think this might work perfectly.
  2. Hi there, can your Product Inquiry Button deliver the customer to another page or link to an event. My client has services in his store that are actually recurring events on Eventbrite (virtual webinars). he chages for them on that site. Is this possible to edit the button to say "register for next event" and then it goes to the event page for registration?
  3. Site URL: https://levelbreaker.com Hi friends, I have a client who is trying to send out a weekly newsletter (automatically) to new subscribers. However, the intervals max at 60 days (about 14 weeks). Is there a workaround or fix to this? Is there a way to trigger a new automation once the new one is complete using custom coding? Any help would be AWESOME! Thanks friends, KC Clark kc@lgcycr8v.agency
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