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  1. I have tried, thanks! It works on 375px mobile, but it doesn´t on desktop and tablet. And, would there be a solution I can add to the CSS of the page itself, without adding it to the general Design CSS? It would help in building new landing pages. Thanks!
  2. I did it by embedding the image in the GetResponse form. The other image you see is used as a background, not as an image. Any image will just disappear.
  3. Hi, I made 3 forms https://www.newmonday-sprint.de/medienplanung Can you help me out to hide the not-needed ones to disappear? thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.newmonday-sprint.de/medienplanung Hi everyone, in this page you will see a GetResponse form embedded in Squarespace. The weird thing happening is that any image on the page is not visible anymore and I can´t understand why. The only visible images are the ones used as background. I have tried changing image format, position, creating a different section... nothing seems to work. Ideas? thanks!
  5. Hi there, I want to add two GetResponse forms to my website (A and B). For a serie of reasons, I need to display the FORM A on Desktop and the form B on Mobile view only. How can I do this? Form code looks like this <script type="text/javascript" src="https://app.getresponse.com/view_webform_v2.js?u=GQovZ&webforms_id=S0i7P"></script> thanks!
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