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  1. @Thurstings hey! thanks again for the help and sorry for not replying earlier. I just dm-ed you if you could still help. Thanks!
  2. @Thurstings Hi, and thanks again! For the image it worked but nothing happens with the other code for the text. Here's the result so far:
  3. @Thurstings This actually works but it changes the size both on mobile and desktop, and I only want to change it for mobile. How can I do that? Is it also possible to make the text "@ZHANA MITKOVA 2020" smaller on mobile ? And is there a way to make both (the AOI member image and @ZHANA MITKOVA 2020) appear closer to each other, so that it looks more compact on mobile? Thanks again! Cheers, Zhana PS : I like the way it displays on desktop https://zhanamitkova.com/ but here's a screenshot from the mobile version:
  4. Site URL: http://zhanamitkova.com/ Hey, I need help putting code to resize the text and image on mobile to appear smaller. The site is http://zhanamitkova.com/ it looks fine on desktop but in mobile view the text and the image appear huge. How can I make those smaller to fit well on mobile view? Thank you in advance! Zhana
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