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  1. Hello I'm not proficient at all in codification. Whatever I've managed to do is through trial and mistake, but I'm having the tiem of my life with it in this quarantine times. My website is not very complex and is just a family project which came up precisely in these times of confinement. So, in a text superimpossed to one banner I want to use a hollow font, so I went to squirrelfonts.com and downloaded an Arialic Hollow font which seemed fit to the task. Then I use this code, which I find in Kayleigh Noele channel in Yoube: @font-face { font-family: 'NAME'; src: url('FONT URL'); } h1 {font-family: 'NAME';} h1 {font-family: 'NAME';} Since I want to change the font in just one title, I use the Block Identifier widget, deleted @font-face and replaced it with #block-codenumber I replaced NAME with Arialic Hollow (the same that appear in the Files Manager in CSS, making sure that the font was the one I wanted) delete FONT URL and press the link in the file manager and the URL showed up between the ' The thing is the font DID change but to something completely diferent, a serif solid bold type. Can you help me? Best regards, Luis Felipe
  2. Blessings! You've been most helpful, Tuanphan. Thanks a lot
  3. Hello. Now, usign a Block Identifier Plugin for Chrome I've managed to change the specific button. #block-98f4117fe9611e045cba .sqs-block-button-element--small {color: #0000ff; border-color: #0000ff;} Now there only remains to change the color when hover with the cursor. I understand this is the code I need .btn1:hover { background-color: #0000ff; color: white; } But I don't understand the syntax. Should How do I join those two codes? Regards
  4. Hello. First things first, I'm extremely, HUGELY ignorant abour codification. But I have my website almost finished and I don't want to call a designer after I managed to solve every single question I had along the way (which I assume are very silly questions but an endeavor I'm very proud of). My website has became a sort of a hobby and like all hobbysts I want it all to myself. As a matter of fact, is not a very complex website. It's more photograph album family. Had it been professional or with intention to monetize I'd called the designer hands down. But in the last inch of the field I came across the dreaded codification... I just want to put in some pages (not all of them) two buttons with different color, say blue and green one on top of the other. In some pages there'll be several of these couples of buttons, in some just one couple, in some just one button, in some none at all. In my ignorance, I'm assuming it's an easy piece of code I can insert in the CSS editor in the Design module. But of course, if it's too hard I don't want to abuse anybody asking for something very expensive in the market. Can you help me or should I remove completely this feature of the album? Regards.
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