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  1. Hi @paul2009 and @tuanphan please check the following: https://www.ekustik.cz/katalog/absorber-woody-queen
  2. Hi, thanks, this works partially. When I choose different option of the product, it then hides the whole price. I assume that it's because the price of the variant is not "from price" but the final price. And by moving it 50px to the left I cover it. It's interesting how there is just no way to simply change the word 'from' to any other word I would like... The second option to remove "select" works only on 7.1, so that's a bummer. Anyways, thanks for the help 🙂
  3. Hi @paul2009 thanks for the code, would you have a version for site 7.0 as well? I am looking for the same solution but it seems that this is the closest I could find. Thanks, David
  4. Hi, please check https://www.ekustik.cz/katalog/absorber-woody-kid My site is in Czech language and the "from" is the last big visible thing in english: Btw, do you think the "select" could be changed too? Either to translate it or hide it. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, has this been resolved? I am looking for exactly the same thing: change "Login" "Select" and "from" and really all English word in checkout.
  6. Hi, I just came across the same thing. I would like to translate the word "from " price on my websites as well. On template 7.0. Have you had luck and solved this? Thanks, David
  7. Hi, yes, exactly. I solved it by creating h4 style that has the golden background and then inserted code block with: <h4> TEXT </> However, this still work only when: display:inline That means that the text can't be aligned otherwise than on the left. I think I am missing something important. Do you think there is way how to set the colored background of just the text so it does not interfere with the text alignment at all?
  8. Site URL: https://www.ekustik.cz Hi all, I would like to ask you for a help with background color for my h2 headers. When I set a background with the following code, it breaks the text alignment and all the text is suddenly on the far left in the text block. h2 { display: inline; background-color: #B58D3C; } It looks like this: (note that i set the text alignment in the block to the center) If I don't set it inline, in some of my text blocks, the background looks horrible because it's the whole block: My goal is to have the background only behind the text. however, I want to have some of the text block with left, right or center text alignment. For example, like we can see here: Is there any code for the display to be inline. but it does not break the text alignment of the whole h2 style? Thank you, David
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