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  1. Hey thank you for your tips! The 2 column code on mobile looked so much better than what I have now but unfortunately it made it so some of my product images didn't show up on mobile or desktop, but the arrow slider css code worked perfectly!
  2. It worked perfect, you're the best! I'm super new to all this website creation stuff and you made it very easy to understand 🙂 thank you Siena
  3. Siena it worked almost perfectly! It hid the mobile banner but also hid the categories. Is it possible to add something to the css code that will still remove the mobile banner but keep the "art prints" and "coloring pages" categories?
  4. Site URL: https://www.dantavis.com/shop Hi there, Can anyone help me remove the mobile banner in my shop so that I only have the banner showing for desktop users? It looks awesome on desktop but terrible on mobile... Thank you!
  5. So I'm using the print fulfillment site Printful.com to sell mugs on website but I've run into a problem when a customer buys the same product but 2 different designs. Say I have 10 different designed mugs up for sale on my site, and a U.S. customer orders 2 different mugs, shipping is $7 and every additional mug is $4 so the total shipping cost for 2 different mugs is $11. But on my site, when a customer orders 2 different mugs the shipping is $14. Does anyone know of a work around other creating 1 product page and listing all 10 mug designs as variants? Because that isn’t going to work for me especially since I plan on having over 30 unique mugs in the near future and I want them all to be separate from each other, so it makes it easy for the customer to see each mug on their own. Is Squarespace working on a shipping feature like this?
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