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  1. @rwp We've made some progress. When I put the code in the footer injection now the following happens: - The link icon for the Patreon social link in the header disappears and becomes blank (see screenshot 1) - The link icon for the Patreon social link in the footer disappears and half the Patreon icon shows (see screenshot 2) - The Patreon icon appears very huge in the right side page menu (see screenshot 2)
  2. @tuanphan @rwp I tried Tuaphans new code with the <script> although still doesn't work unfortunately.
  3. @rwp Apologies, I know nothing about coding. - How do I make the sgv's white? Is it just changing the colour from black to white in the svg website you sent? - The code you presented above, do I need to make any changes to it, or is it fine as it is to use? - Where do I paste this code? I tried in the general code injection header section, and all that happens is the icon appears gigantic on top of the entire header (see screenshot). When I paste the code in the code injection when clicking settings in the banner itself, nothing happens at all. Kind regards, Malik
  4. @rwp UDPATE: I've tried to make the .sgv files which I've uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MxpbGOaV0fQ33TnZ2a_ep-_iXz3_z5lO?usp=sharing
  5. @rwp Hey! Thanks for your help Do you mean business account with Sqaurespace. If so, yes we have the 'Commerce Advanced' plan. To answer your question, yes it would be the social links in the footer, but more importantly the social links in the header. In the social links you will find 3 'link' icons. The order is: Patreon, WhatsApp, Email Regarding the SGV's. Are you able to create them? As I tried but not sure I done it correctly. I have created 1080x1080 Transparent PNG files for these 3 social links which you can download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MxpbGOaV0fQ33TnZ2a_ep-_iXz3_z5lO?usp=sharing
  6. @tuanphan Just a reminder for this. What dimensions would the Icons need? I can make them. I believe you can provide the code once I provide the icons?
  7. Yeah we have hundreds of videos, and new ones each week. So adding manually per video wouldn't be feasible to manage unfortunately. If you do find a JS solution, that would be much better. I appreciate all the help
  8. @tuanphan So your solution requires that code to be added for each individual video?
  9. What size/dimensions should the icons need to be? I can get our graphic designer to custom make them
  10. @tuanphan Sorry just to confirm. There's no way to add the sky banner at the top of this page? https://stingray-cylinder-zztm.squarespace.com/trr/39mq93wi5ia258x0vgynt6svrsj0fm-absb2-egcf2 Just wondering if we're on the same page, as you said you can give the code to add social links, but the social links are already present
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