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  1. Would this be something not achievable with code?
  2. Thanks I think I can figure it out for Patreon using your code! Is there anyway to adjust the code to make it remove the arrows only on desktop and not on mobile?
  3. @tuanphan It seems your proposed code above doesn't work on our 7.0 BRINE website. Any ideas why? Site: https://rafida.org Pass: lastphasetesting3
  4. The first 2 summaries on the home page do not have any additional pages, yet show the arrow (see screenshots)
  5. @tuanphan At the moment when you click the image, the image itself appears in the Lightbox. What we wanted to do is when you click it, the Lightbox appears with custom text instead. Is that possible?
  6. @tuanphan Sorry that removed the arrows for all summaries. We only want to remove the arrows from summaries that do not have multiple pages. Is that possible?
  7. @rwp Sorry to bother again. But it seems changing the Icon colour also changed the colour of the items inside the folder (see screenshot) Is there a way for me to control the colour of the items inside the folder independently from the main icons itself?
  8. All perfect! Thanks for your speedy help! Much appreciated sir.
  9. @rwp Amazing, thank you! Fine tuned the Margin to: margin: 0px -.9em 0em 1em !important; The only thing now is the 'ABOUT' and 'CONTACT' menu items are not centred vertically in the navigation menu, as shown in the below screenshot. Any way to fix this?
  10. @rwp Worked! Thank you so much. Sorry to bother, but I missed a few things out. The new screenshot below shows it with the code you provided. Can I make the folder icon: - Shift to the right a bit so it is next to the 'Search' icon - Same size and colour as the search icon - Same space between itself and the search as search is from the customer icon Basically to make it look like it's part of the far right menu (Search, Account, Card, Currency) Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.
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