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  1. Did anyone figure out how to do this for 7.1? I'd ideally like to remove the limit or extend it to 60 rather than 30 per page
  2. @tuanphan any idea why its not done it for this page?... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allmusic
  3. @tuanphan Gonna give you one last poke on this incase you have time to look? Thanks
  4. @tuanphan Ok so thats worked... almost. Its created a black bar where the text is too... is there a way to get rid of the black text bars and have the white text sit on top of the grey filter so it stands out? https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allartists I basically want it to behave exactly like it does in the 'FEATURED ARTISTS' section of this page... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/ Thanks! R
  5. @tuanphan Ok i've just removed the code! Let me know, thanks!
  6. @tuanphan Let me know if you're not able to help here and i'll move on. Thanks!
  7. @tuanphan You're totally right! I meant to say so they appear over the image on hover, ideally with a dark overlay and a transitional fade of some sort. Like they do on the homepage here under 'FEATURED ARTISTS'... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/ Sorry for the confusion, any idea how to achieve this? Thanks!
  8. @tuanphan Trying clearing cache but the text for me is showing below the image rather than on top of it?
  9. @tuanphan Any thoughts on why this isn't working or it just not possible? Thanks!
  10. @tuanphan Ok i tried it and its not working yet, you can see what its done here... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allartists password- test Any ideas?
  11. Site URL: https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allmusic/chillwave Hi guys, I'm having trouble with the slideshow gallery on this page... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allmusic/chillwave password- test The slideshow arrows arn't working and neither is the title of each image displaying. Any ideas would be appreciated! R
  12. @tuanphan Hey! don't suppose you managed to take a look? Thanks again
  13. @tuanphan Any thoughts on this or is it not possible?
  14. @tuanphan Try this page instead... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allartists
  15. @tuanphan Any chance you'd be able to have a quick look at this one? Would be hugely appreciated!
  16. @tuanphan Same for me if at all possible? https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/our-work pass- test Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allmusic Hi guys, Trying to get it so that the blog images in this grid show the page titles on hover... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/allmusic password- test You can view the feature i'm trying to replicate on the homepage under the 'FEATURED ARTISTS' section here... https://crane-burgundy-rnlt.squarespace.com/ . I managed to get it to work on the summary blocks but not on the actual main blog pages. Thanks! R
  18. Site URL: https://www.hivemusic.com/ Hi Guys, I'm having trouble with a custom font. It seems to look ok on my browsers but other people are seeing the wrong font. The website is www.hivemusic.com The top Nav and the subtitle in the homepage banner are the culprits. I've attached 2 screen grabs one labelled correct and one incorrect so you can see the error, any help would be hugely appreciated!
  19. Thats worked for the header one but the .image-subtitle-wrapper one i actually just want it to be the same as the body text for the rest of the site, any idea how to do that?
  20. Site URL: https://www.hivemusic.com/spiritcity-1 Hi! I'm using a custom font on this site but am struggling to change the title and subtitle of the image card on this page to my custom ones.... https://www.hivemusic.com/spiritcity-1 I'm talking about the area that says "SPIRIT CITY" and the area below that which has the description in? Thanks! R
  21. Thats worked great for that section but not for the header 'FEATURED RELEASES' ideally that also locks to the edge of the below image. Any idea?
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