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  1. Hello tuanphan No I haven't solved this yet. How to share a link if the site is not live yet? Thanks Alice
  2. Hello I'm using the Sonny template and got all the content on one page by having an index page ("Le Groupe") and nine "pages" in it ("Banner", "Le groupe", "Notre mission" etc.). I would like a navigation bar to appear on top right (where the index page link "Le groupe" currently is) to display all the different pages and lets the user click on them to jump to the relevant section. Please can you help? Many thanks Alice
  3. Hello Paul It's working! Thank you so much. Any way I can have the image above some text? Thank you very much Alice
  4. Hello Paul Your reply is very useful as I'm looking for doing the same thing as Emily on my client's site. I have a copied and pasted the code, added the URL of the image and the tag but it doesn't work sadly. Here is the link to the page: https://www.kerra.fr/boutique/tinzaline I'm trying to get the image and text block "La collaboration" under "Les coulisses" in the product description instead of at the bottom of the page as it currently is. Many thanks in advance for your help, Best Alice
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