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  1. Rather than the drop down boxes, however, I would like to have 3 separate buttons where each button would populate the tagged posts related to the button below. Is that possible in any way? I can send a mock up if easier?
  2. https://www.manuxadventure.com/ PW: MXA2020
  3. Is there a way to code a button to act like an archive. Basically, my goal is to have 3 buttons at the top of a page. When I click "button 1" only blog posts with a "button 1" tag will populate below.
  4. Ahhh Brilliant!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Really appreciate the help. 😊
  5. https://bakenbacon.squarespace.com/catering Looking to hide the galley controls in the block with the polaroid style images.
  6. Is it possible to hide gallery controls to a single gallery page?
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