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  1. That is working for the quantity but the "add-to-cart" button still remains. I am pasting it into Design >Custom CSS
  2. www.uniqueleafcbd.com is the site. Each page has an add-to-cart button as well as a quantity field. Because of the nature of our business (CBD Hemp) I added a button that say's "ORDER NOW" which will redirect the user to a page where they can check off what they want to purchase and it will be emailed to us directly. I did this because finding an payment processor for CBD is near impossible and once you do, the industry and laws change, and once again, crap out of luck. So, I am invoicing buyers from Square (it's unable to be linked to the website directly) for the time being and
  3. I am currently trying to remove the add to cart button as well as the quantity option on my items listed on my website.I’ve done a lot of research looking for the proper coding to hide or remove these and I’m having trouble. Has anyone had experience with this?
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