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  1. That is working for the quantity but the "add-to-cart" button still remains. I am pasting it into Design >Custom CSS
  2. www.uniqueleafcbd.com is the site. Each page has an add-to-cart button as well as a quantity field. Because of the nature of our business (CBD Hemp) I added a button that say's "ORDER NOW" which will redirect the user to a page where they can check off what they want to purchase and it will be emailed to us directly. I did this because finding an payment processor for CBD is near impossible and once you do, the industry and laws change, and once again, crap out of luck. So, I am invoicing buyers from Square (it's unable to be linked to the website directly) for the time being and its' easier to have the checkbox page where they can email their orders... thus, the add-to-cart button being absolutely useless for the sake of utilizing square spaces set up. Make sense?! lol Thanks for the help.. and am I placing code under: settings > advanced> code injection > paste?
  3. I am currently trying to remove the add to cart button as well as the quantity option on my items listed on my website.I’ve done a lot of research looking for the proper coding to hide or remove these and I’m having trouble. Has anyone had experience with this?
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