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  1. Totally agree, this is pretty much lying. Months keep passing without them fixing this. Amazingly bad.
  2. And still search in 7.1 does not work (it only indexes blog posts, no other content)... 😞
  3. Couldn't agree more! I've been complaining about search not working in 7.1 for more than 9 months and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! They claim "it's in the works"... RIGHT! I work in the IT-industry, and know that this is just a matter of prioritisation. They simply don't deem it important enough to fix before doing other things. To me this is baffling since it's a BIG step back in terms of functionality, that as you pointed out they don't even warn about! So customers happily upgrade to 7.1 or develop a new site in it, only to discover search is only halfway implemented in 7.1! They're
  4. In 7.1 search functionality is broken. It does not index text blocks that exist in a section. It seems to only index navigation and blogs. Support says this is a known bug but they still have not fixed it and it has been broken since start. We highly depend on this search functionality for our new site. PLEASE FIX IT SquareSpace!
  5. Also, the search feature can only find blog posts... not text blocks in any section. Since my site is not a blog, it means pretty much ALL of my content does NOT show up in search result. Apparently this is a known bug (according to support), and they are "working on it"... and have been since the launch of 7.1 I find it pretty terrible that they broke the search feature in 7.1 and STILL haven't fixed, let alone that they have launched 7.1 with a broken search feature.
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