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  1. Hey Brandon, thank you so much for that. It worked. You are right, there was no other information around about it. Coding is probably the only way to get it done and I'm no good at it. I just wanted to achieve the same look of both gallery and product pages but the options aren't available to edit. Would you happen to know how can I reduce the margins between the images on the product page? Probably by using coding I imagine.
  2. Hey tuanphan, thank you for getting back to me. I meant the product page (https://www.andreromaophotography.com/print-shop). Instead of 3 images I would like it to go 4 images full width as per my gallery page. Is that possible?
  3. Site URL: https://www.andreromaophotography.com/print-shop Hi there, I am using Wells Template .How do I make the Product Page thumbnails go Full Width similar to my gallery page? It has a limit of 1800px Also, when I go into the product product display the images are cropped. Is there a solution for that in this template? I have seen other websites where that doesn't happen. Thank you
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