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  1. Having a "pay what you like" feature is almost built into the Commerce now, by using the options in Commerce you can build out different payment levels. BUT the digital products are left out. And physical products you must charge at least a $1 for in the system. It's so close!
  2. I wonder if there is a way to hide the "add to cart" button? That would solve at least the layout problem. Then you could just add a simple link for the download. No analytics, but perhaps with your form hack (great tip BTW) and hiding the button, that would get it 80% there.
  3. The problem is that I have a lot of files that I currently give away with simple links, but it took a lot of hacking to get V5 to present something that is easy to navigate. http://parkjets.com I would love to transition the current "photo gallery" with various hidden sections in V5 to a commerce module in V6. It would be so easy to manage.
  4. Additionally, I already stated the issues with putting up a simple download link. It's not problematic, BUT you miss out on a huge opportunity to capture and E-mail address, you miss out on the opportunity to establish a transactional relationship, you miss out on an opportunity to E-mail that customer with the download link.
  5. Having to mark $0.00 is not a big deal at all. The point is that when someone wants to download a "free" product, they shouldn't have to input their credit card information. That seems scammy and odd for many customers out there, many of whom are international. It's a huge oversight by the SqSp team.
  6. No dice. On the digital download, you have the option to offer a "sale" price, which doesn't really do much except do a strike-through on your full price, with the new price. No coupon available.
  7. It’s disappointing to see that the digital download products in commerce can’t be designated at “free” but rather a price of $0.00. But upon checkout the customer has to put in their credit card information. I love the commerce module and as someone who has been on Squarespace since V4, I am thrilled with the ease of use of V6, but the oversight of Squarespace on this feature is crushing. It is very common for folks that actually generate income online to give away products to help drive traffic and gain authority. To train those customers to using your cart is important, let alone the abili
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