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  1. Site URL: http://www.timkongart.com/ So ive been using the inbuilt gallery for my website ( I just signed up) and been having issues with the gallery, most of these images are ok as long as they're landscape in orientation, however, once they go into portrait it somewhat forces the image to fit inside the gallery frame. Its faar to small and I was wondering is it possible to view the image in full screen or at least allow for a zoom function? Honestly i migrated over to this website to mitigate the same issue from weebly and i distinctively remember there was a zoom function before, if this feature is now removed then it makes the move onto here completely pointless. Also i noticed if you untick 'lightbox' and try click on the images nothing happens. Is this like a beta build or something? Also I tried modifying the values in 'design' and it does absolutely nothing.
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