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  1. Can anyone help? The script above is also causing some items in my summary to appear twice? The URL is https://www.stories.standard.co.uk/speakers Thanks!
  2. Thanks Tuan. Sqspthemes provided me with a script that work's for the entire summary block: window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function(){ openBundleLinksInLightbox('.summary-title[href]:not(.lightbox-link),.summary-title-link[href]:not(.lightbox-link),.summary-read-more-link[href]:not(.lightbox-link),.summary-thumbnail-container[href]:not(.lightbox-link)'); I'm using Lazy Summaries with this plugin though, and annoyingly the lightbox only seems to work for the first 30 posts in my summary and not those loaded by the Lazy Summaries plugin. Is there an obvious way I could get this script to read all the posts in my summary and include those that Lazy Summaries have included?
  3. Sorry, I was playing around with the live page. I'm struggling to get javascripts to run only once when using the lightbox anything plugin with summary blocks, so I think I may have to scrap the idea and get people to enter the category in the content manually! Thanks again.
  4. This worked perfectly. Thanks so much! Is there anything I can add to this script that will also remove the 'Posted in' text that precedes the Category link?
  5. Thanks Tuanphan. Here is an example: https://www.stories.standard.co.uk/programme-1/stories-festival-event-one-g2jag I need to move the 'Posted in Netflix' text to be next to or under the date and time.
  6. You website is currently password protected so we can't have a look
  7. I think this has been asked before but I can't find a definitive answer. By default, the category tag on events pages is appearing at the bottom of posts, under the editable content. I've been asked if I can move it to sit with the date and time, just below the post title. Would this be possible without diving into developer mode? Thanks!
  8. Hey Tuan. I haven't yet – still looking! I've been able to get the lightbox to work for summary objects using #lightbox_http://www.url.com/speaker/speaker-name There are two issues with this: 1. It means I have to replace the source URL for every speaker and I have lots of them – it would be ideal if I could automate the blog post to open in a lightbox automatically for each. 2. It opens the entire page in the lighbox including the footer and header. I want a couple of few blocks to display in the lightbox. Is this possible or would I be best trying to hide the header and footer on every blog post? Thanks!
  9. I'd like to use the Lightbox Anything plugin to display some speaker bios, instead of having them click through to their individual pages. Is it possible to add the lightbox to a summary block, without having to replace all the source URLs individually for each post? Is it also possible to use the lightbox anything plugin for a URL such as /speakers/speaker-name? This doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks!
  10. I'd like to have a summary carousel, but laid out like the 'list' summary with the image taking up about 50% and the title and except to the side of it, rather than stacked. Can anyone been able to achieve something similar or able to help? Also does anyone have an up-to-date autoplay script? I've tried so many and I can't get it to work on 7.1 at all. Thanks!
  11. For an events summary section, I would like to make different categories appear in specific colours under the event thumbnail. Is this possible? For example, 'Category A' will appear in green text, and 'Category B' will appear in red etc... Thanks!
  12. Applied to the floating box instead of absolute? I still have a white background on this section which I don't seem to be able to edit?
  13. I followed a tutorial (https://schwartz-edmisten.com/blog/floating-banner-over-two-index-sections-in-squarespace) to float a banner between two sections on a page I am building. All appears fine, but because the section is positioned absolute, much of the content from the below section is falling behind this. I can add some substantial padding to push the content downwards, but the issue I'm having is that when I change the window size and the floating box is expanding for mobile, the padding I apply doesn't properly correlate and it ultimately still gets lost. Is there a way I ensure the content always sits below the overlapping box? Alternatively, I considered removing the absolute positioning – the issue with this is that I am left with a plain white background on this section behind the floating content and I can't seem to change the colour on this nor see where it's defined in the code? Thanks!
  14. I'm creating a website for an event which is happening in two different locations. The client has requested that, if possible, the site includes UK and US links in the primary navigation, and for each of these I have a secondary navgiation including the relevant info for each of these events. I'm wondering if it's possible to create secondary navs that appear based on the primary links – much like a language selection? eg. UK > UK about, UK agenda, UK speakers, UK contacts US > US about, US agenda, US speakers, US contacts Worst case scenario, I think I will have to list this information in drop down pages. In this case, does anyone know if it would be possible to get the drop down pages to appear on click, rather than hover, in a bar that would appear beneath the primary nav bar at the top? Thanks!
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