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  1. Sorry, I can't share the link yet, as I'm still on a trial account...but I figured out what it was. Even though I had removed all padding in the style settings, it kept a small margin at the bottom of each index page, don't know why. But this css code gets rid of it: .Index section:nth-child(2) { margin-bottom: -35px; }
  2. Hi There, I'm new to squarespace, and find it pretty awesome, but there is one simple thing I just cannot figure out: I would like to add an image within a container/element (ie a block) on a page, with the image automatically streching to full width of the browser, but without cropping any of the image width or height (like the banner background may do). I would then like to add another block with another image in the same manner, but without any gaps (ie a white border/padding) inside or between the blocks. I've used this many times when building wordpress sites, etc, but have not been able to figure out how to do this in squarespace, even after extensive search.... Help would be highly appreciated!!!! Many thanks....
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