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  1. Site URL: https://www.jeju.plus/ Hi there I'm using some custom css to allow me to do the following: - use a different image as a banner on each blog post on my site - the blog title appears as large text over the image - the blog category appears as smaller text below the blog title This works well when the title text has a limited number of characters but as soon as the title text uses a larger amount of characters, I start running into problems. The issues I have occur when the page is at different widths: - too much space between the title and category whe
  2. Hi @tuanphan The code works great on the Squarespace platform and on Chrome on my MacBook. However, the image does not display on Safari on MacBook or on Chrome and Safari on mobile. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? TIA Jonathan <div class="grey" style="background:#d8d8d8;padding:30px;text-align:center;"> <h4>Navigation</h4> <p>We recommend using Kakao Maps to navigate to Nine Bros Coffee. Click the icon below to access </p> <a href="http://kko.to/E1BW07V0T"target="_blank"> <img src="http://lh3.googleuse
  3. Wow - that's some pretty code. Thanks very much for your help!
  4. thanks again tuanphan. It's at https://www.jeju.plus/businessdirectory/cafesbakeries/ninebroscoffee p/w jejuplus
  5. Thanks tuanphan. The site is on www.jeju.plus p/w jejuplus
  6. Hi there I'm trying to add a hyperlinked image to a code block on a blog page (7.1). Immediately after the code block is another code block which appears in the CMS but not on the live site. Also, there is a second code block a text block of 3 paragraphs after the second code block. Every single word in the text block is appearing as a link - it's linking to the URL used in the code block. The code I'm using is below. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? TIA Jonathan https://www.jeju.plus/businessdirectory/cafesbakeries/ninebroscoffee p/w jejuplus <div cla
  7. Hi there I'd like to change the location of the tags on each blog post on my site. Anyone know if this is possible? TIA Jonathan
  8. Hi there Sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I have no experience with coding and this is my first Squarespace site / attempt at customisation. I want to fake a header at the top of all pages on my site as I need to remove the standard header from my site. I want have control over each navigation item to so that it can: - use the same font as the rest of the site - have a different colour to standard links on the rest of the site - have an underline on the appropriate navigation item to highlight to users which page they are on Please help! TIA Jonathan
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