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  1. when i have a banner it is about 100px high. is it possible to change that hight of such a banner? thanks
  2. thank you so much! works perfectly!!! 🥳 is there a way to change the hight of such a banner?
  3. Site URL: https://saintscraft.ch Hi everyone I'm using the Rally template and when I make a banner, the pic or video always looses opacity and becomes slightly blury. I would like it just the way it is. Is there a way to fix this? Is there a styling option to change the height of a banner? best, mario
  4. great, thank you so much! now one last question. is there a code to make the product show a optional preview pic when hovering over the image? it does that in a normal product page, but not in this page: https://saintscraft.ch/edelsteinschmuck thank you so much for your help!
  5. wow thats amazing! thank you so much.. it works what about the product title? do you know a code to change that size and color too?
  6. thanks for your answer. here the link to the page: https://saintscraft.ch/edelsteinschmuck i would like it to look like on the full shop page here: https://saintscraft.ch
  7. Hi there, How can I insert some CSS to change the style of the "Price" of a Product block? I would like it to be smaller and in grey. I made a screenshot with a red circle so show better. Thanks!
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