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  1. Thank you so much!! That was perfect and I will hang on to this to edit accordingly in other sites...now that I can figure out the code and how to do it! Really appreciate it!
  2. Yes 🙂 The photo below or above the words should go with their matching words...but in mobile of course it goes left to right 😞
  3. Site URL: https://dory-orca-6nsp.squarespace.com Hi there, I am trying to reorder some blocks of text and images on mobile for my site. I wish I could figure out how to do this same display using Flexbox but I am not there yet! So instead I have used text blocks and image blocks and spacers. On desktop it appears as: text1-image2-text3 image1-text2-image3 I would like it to be like this in mobile: text 1 image1 text2 image2 text3 image3 Thanks in advance. Pword is: rainbowsgo
  4. Following!! I am having the exact same issue here, it is so frustrating. The only trick I have found was to add a blank section with no content, and make it the lowest height possible. I am using a solid colour fixed header though so I was able to make the background that colour and it matches my Header. Basically because there is no content it kind of disappears when I view the site but it means the next section background image fits the section perfectly. I would love to know if there is code that I can use to have Full Bleed image align at the top of the actual section and not up underneath the header.
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