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  1. Thanks again. I appreciate your time! I did the above. Saved the code. Reloaded the home page a few times. The words are still in the middle of the photo. What am I missing?
  2. Thank you; I'd like to be able to try the above suggestion, but it seems I can only do it if I upgrade my plan (?). Is there any other way?
  3. Site URL: https://www.rosedemaris.com/ Template: Flores On my site's homepage, there's an Image Block: Poster that I like. I like the way the text overlays the image. However, I am hoping to change the current image of an orange blossom to a new photograph; when I upload the new photograph I'd like to use, the text "Rose DeMaris" is covering an important part of the photo. How can I move the text down to the bottommost part of the image so it isn't blocking it so much? I'd really like to keep the text ON the image, just lower it. I don't want to put text below the image or have i
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