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  1. Hi Tuan,

    That unfortunately doesn't work in this case. I need to capture the previous URL that got me to the events page and redirect to it. Is there a way to capture the window history and use that to set the backlink?

    I have several paths that lead to the same events list so the backlink needs to remember the URL that got me there. The code above always sets the backlink to the same page.


  2. Site URL: http://https/www.scienceseeds.com/

    We are testing events for registration and have a general event page here:


    I saw Tuan's posting customize-back-to-all about how to change the back to all events text and redirect it. That works great for this page.

    However, we have a second page


    that has a calendar and a list of upcoming events. When you click on the event in the calendar or the event listing you get the full event description. When you click on "Back to All Events" we would like to return to the Calendar page and not to the main event page.

    Is it possible to redirect to the test1 page in this case?

  3. Site URL: http://www.scienceseeds.com

    I am not sure what happened but on Chrome the social icons and my newsletter form block don't display.

    Here is what I see - footers aren't displaying.

    However if I display this on safari, firefox the footer and social icons display.

    If I display the website within the squarespace environment everything shows up fine. See attached displaying correctly.

    Anyone run into this type of problem? I cant' see the blocks when bringing this up on chrome.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 12.15.16 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 12.15.04 PM.png

  4. Site URL: https://www.scienceseeds.com/holiday-shop

    I have a product page www.scienceseeds.com/holiday-shop that includes a photo on the top.

    There are category tags and when you click on the category we would like to display the items without showing the photo that is on the page. 

    If anyone can help with the css that would be great. I know how to hide the image and retrieve it but not sure how to force it after someone clicks on a category tag.


    Thank you.



  5. Site URL: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/

     I am testing an image poster and I want to move the text and button around and position it in different locations then the default - 

    What do I need to do to move the text/button to the left side of an image on the top left corner?

    In the meantime, I  added my own text on the image as I couldn't figure out how to move the text  so am using only the button

    Website: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/

    Password: tester123

    Will this fix work as well on mobile or does the positioning and/or button size need to be different there?

    Thank you


  6. Thank you! I have one more question - is it possible on an image block with collage to decrease the size of the text block so that the image itself takes more space ? What parameters can I play with to increase the image size.

    Can I move the text to different positions as well?

    I updated the page above with the example. Thanks!

  7. Site URL: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/

    I am testing some image formatting options for my website https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/

    Login: tester123

    1. When using image blocks with an overlap format is it possible to have the text always display below the image. I have several images in a row yet the text does not display below the image (images are all same size and ratio)

    2. Can one format the subtitle text to include a bullet list.

    3. For a gallery can one add a border around each item in the gallery?

    Thank you!

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