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  1. Site URL: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ I am testing an image poster and I want to move the text and button around and position it in different locations then the default - What do I need to do to move the text/button to the left side of an image on the top left corner? In the meantime, I added my own text on the image as I couldn't figure out how to move the text so am using only the button Website: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ Password: tester123 Will this fix work as well on mobile or does the positioning and/or button size need to be different there? Thank you
  2. Thank you! I have one more question - is it possible on an image block with collage to decrease the size of the text block so that the image itself takes more space ? What parameters can I play with to increase the image size. Can I move the text to different positions as well? I updated the page above with the example. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ I am testing some image formatting options for my website https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ Login: tester123 1. When using image blocks with an overlap format is it possible to have the text always display below the image. I have several images in a row yet the text does not display below the image (images are all same size and ratio) 2. Can one format the subtitle text to include a bullet list. 3. For a gallery can one add a border around each item in the gallery? Thank you!
  4. Site URL: https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ I am wondering how i can add a custom icon in front of the categories listed for my store. The website is https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com/ Password: tester123 Is it possible to add a different colored icon in front of each of the categories? Thank you.
  5. If I add padding to the bottom or to the top then the the product list filter for the store either disappears or is too close to the image - does that mean then that we need to add padding to every element them down?
  6. Thank you! I got it to work - is it possible to add some padding above the image to make more space between the image and the logo's tagline?
  7. The website link:https://lynx-guppy-pnfz.squarespace.com Password: tester123 Thanks!
  8. Site URL: http://www.scienceseeds.com We are migrating our existing website (www.scienceseeds.com) from Wordpress to Squarespace and would like to include the seed trail in the attached below the header on Squarespace. I have added the green border on the bottom of the header but not sure how to add the seed trail. The seed trail is in a file seedpattern.png (not included).
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