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  1. email me at olivebranchorganics@gmail.com I have an answer. Just set mine up 2 days ago
  2. I'm looking to do the same. I just received this yesterday for SquareSpace Help Chat. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206540767-Adding-product-reviews Hope this is helpful.
  3. I came across this problem and yes it can be done. You have to sign up for the Commerce Advanced Plan. It's allows you to add the specific weight and dimension of your product. Then you can click on the carriers that you use for shipping and pick the different ways you want to offer shipping. Overnight, priority, ground, etc. When the customer goes to checkout it will automatically calculated the shipping based on the weight you put in and their address. when you set this up on Commerce - Shipping, it will also allow you to add on a percentage for shipping cost. I added 25% for materials and t
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