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  1. @KristinCoffman I've been searching too so far I can only find third parties like Eventable to do this it's a pain
  2. @aniquecoffee1 so far only solution I've found is using a third party like Eventable
  3. @emily.klein, I am struggling with this too and I think you've found the best solution. Eventable is a glitchy system though and it fails to load for me frequently. Also when I add the code it comes in as text instead of a button. Wish squarespace would solve for this. There is no point of adding an event to a calendar if you can't include things like streaming links and descriptions. Don't get me wrong we can do so much but this one is a challenge right now.
  4. Anyone have an answer on this one?
  5. Site URL: https://lrcss.com/stone-soup-2020 Hey all, The banner image on my page works fine in squarespace but when I exit to view the site on my browser it crops in the menu. Anyone have a solution?
  6. Site URL: http://lrcss.com I'm looking to CC my in-house accounting team a copy of donation notifications whenever they go out from squarespace. How do I do that? I know I can download a CSV of transactions from the Donation section in the home menu but they want actual copies of the emails that go out to donors.
  7. Site URL: http://lrcss.com How can I add a donors address into a donation notification message? I'm attempting to use the donation notification as an official tax receipt for donors and one of the things I am required to include is their address. I know we collect that when they complete the donation transaction so I assume I can pull it into the email using a JSON variable I'm just not sure which one? Thanks for helping me out!
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