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  1. That's a good idea! So, thanks a lot for all your effort, you helped me a lot! Best regards, Berthold
  2. Really great guide! The code for the website and mobile worked, thanks so much! Another question. As you know, I have a 2-language page. All pages english/german are fine, but the only thing is the cart. Is it possible to make a 2nd cart page? For now I made the cart in English, but if possible it would be nice to also make a cart page for german users.
  3. Hi Tuan, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately both don't work. I tried following css code in design - customs css: body#Cart .Header-nav--primary .Header-nav-item:nth-child(n+4) { display: none } body#Cart .Mobile-overlay-nav--primary .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:nth-child(n+4) { display: none Do you have an idea, what could be changed? Thanks a lot for your help! Berthold
  4. Hello! I would like to remove certain navigation items in the shopping cart page. - Template: Brine (Hyde) - Hide: Primary navigation items 4 and higher (nth-child(n+4)) - Hide: Secondary navigation item 2 (last-child) - Hide: Footer navigation items 5 and higher (nth-child(n+5)) All other pages work perfectly fine with hiding navigation elements using css codes and targeting their collectionid- and itemnumbers. But I can't seem to find out how to target the shopping cart page. Appreciate any help! Thank you. Sincerely, Berthold
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