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  1. Hi @violettag Thanks for your response! I've explored Product Blocks but not Thumbnail Navigation. This is the first time I'm seeing a tutorial on that. Thank you. Any chance you have an example site implementing thumbnail navigation? I'd love to see a couple IRL so I can understand how it may be utilized best on my client's site. Thanks again.
  2. Hi @tuanphan Thank you for your response. We've taken the site live so we're going to hold off on making any tweaks right now while customers are shopping. Appreciate you getting back to me!
  3. @tuanphan I resolved the issue! Thanks for your follow up.
  4. Site URL: https://www.dustandsunshineleather.com/shop Hello, 1 - I would like to limit the number of products shown on my client's main shop page. Is that possible? As it stands, when a customer goes to the shop, it's quite overwhelming. 2 - I'd love to have a thumbnail image for each category be the first thing a customer sees on the shop page. Is that possible? They would have to click on the thumbnail or the category name listed in the left-hand column to get to the full list of products within that category.
  5. @tuanphan I am trying to center the sunburst image located in the content block below the header (not in the footer) - aka the second content block below the header on the home page. Below the text that says ELEVATED. EMPOWERED. ECO-FASHION. Thank you for your help!!
  6. @tuanphan I would like to get the sunburst graphic positioned in the center of this block in mobile view.
  7. @tuanphan Thanks for your reply! We have decided not to add dropdown accordion menus to the shop page. However, if you have a moment, I am still trying to resolve the other issue you responded to - "change size of an image in mobile view". That forum discussion thread is linked HERE.
  8. @tuanphan Mobile view. (However, it needs to be centered in both, but I'm only trying to correct mobile view.)
  9. @tuanphan Hi! That code didn't move the sunburst graphic to the center in mobile view. I corrected the typo fotoer to footer but that didn't seem to be the issue.
  10. Hello - @lu.diehl. The code you shared at the beginning of this thread worked great for me. However, I'm trying to get the image (logo mark) centered on mobile and tablet view. I added position: center; to the code provided but wasn't successful in getting it repositioned. Do you know how I can make that happen? Many thanks!
  11. @creedonYou're amazing! It's perfect. Thank you, thank you 🙏👏 One day I hope I can understand the meaning behind all that code!! Whew. Bravo!
  12. Ahh!! Yes. Looked back at your question... I misunderstood what you were asking. My apologies. Here they are: Lucinda Tassel These effortlessly cool tassel earrings will elevate your style in an instant! Our handmade design shows off why we love leather - natural softness and movement. Jazz up your denim and boots, or wear them with your favorite dress. They go with literally everything and are light as a feather! Go on and shake it, Sugaree! Sweet Leaf Organic elegance, subtle sweetness and versatility. This design showcases the inherently luxurious textures that make leather so attractive. Whether you choose a shimmering metallic or an earthy palette, you’ll find yourself returning to the Sweet Leaf time and again. This style is our most popular for gift-giving. Electric Lady Harness your inner rock star with this groovy Dust & Sunshine Original Design! Bold as love and flattering to the jaw line, they will perfectly frame that beautiful face of yours. These ladies are no-joke cool. Sure to make a bold statement! Short Songbird Dust & Sunshine earrings are adored for their stunning color combinations and the Songbird Styles showcase that flawlessly. Flaunt a refined touch of sophistication with this shorter style. They’re sure to become a classic in your jewelry repertoire. Designed and handcrafted with precision, resulting in an overall distinctive beauty. Long Songbird A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll - think Gypsy Cowgirl. There’s a little spark of magic when you adorn yourself with a striking pair of earrings. These beauties emphasize your natural femininity, and are just the right choice when you’re feeling bold. Show the world that you’re not messin’ around. Petite Deco You’ll be livin’ on a high note in our most popular design! The Petite Deco is a smaller version of our flagship earring, the Grand Deco. Like all our styles, each piece is hand-cut, super lightweight and crafted to perfection. Elevated further by quality metal, giving them a truly upscale look. Grand Deco Our Grand Deco earrings were the very first in the Dust & Sunshine collection. Born from a love of Art Deco and geometric pattern, designer, Kara Johnson, dreamt up this iconic style. Grand Deco is a true statement piece, yet is wearable for any occasion. Wyoming Wristies Saddle-Up with this everyday accessory! These bracelets are loved for their simple attractiveness. Each bracelet utilizes leftover pieces of gorgeous, high-quality leather sourced from Wyoming handbag makers. We use only genuine U.S. tanned leather which ages beautifully and becomes buttery soft over time. Solid brass rings and rivets contrast with supple leather for a timeless look.
  13. and also, again, thank you so much for your help!!!
  14. @creedon That worked great! I plugged it into Lucinda Tassel category description. Now, I just need to figure out how to change that description for all the other categories. After I input your code with my description, every category populated that same introductory text.
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