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  1. Site URL: https://www.experiential-psychotherapies.com Can anyone recommend an alternative commenting plugin to Squarespace comments or Disqus? Squarespace support told me those were my only two options but I read that because I'm paying for their business plan I can integrate other commenting systems using custom code. Is this accurate and is there a better option? A bug in the Squarespace Comments system prevents visitors from subscribing to blog threads on Safari and Chrome!!! And I'm finding that some people can't subscribe to Disqus because the "verification email" never comes through. I can't risk people being frustrated by that and leaving my site without commenting. I find Disqus' whole verification is a pain and I'd like to turn it off since I'm moderating all the comments anyway but Disqus won't let me. I generally find Disqus not streamlined enough but they give me very few options for control at the $9.99/month level and no support. Is there a simpler, better alternative to Disqus? Here's an example of one of my discussion forums (currently using Disqus but want to change that) https://www.experiential-psychotherapies.com/coherence-therapy-discuss/join-coherence-therapy-forum
  2. Site URL: https://www.experiential-psychotherapies.com My site has multiple blog pages. I want people to subscribe to each discussion thread when they leave comments. I used the squarespace comment function rather than something like Disqus because I thought it would be simpler that way. But no one seems to be able to subscribe. There's a button that says "subscribe by email". It brings people to a squarespace sign in/login page that no one seems to be able to get past, whether they log in using email, google, apple or Facebook. Everyone gets a confusing web of error messages. Strangely, I've done it myself with 3 different emails and had no problem. But over half a dozen people have reported the same frustrating inability to subscribe to threads. Squarespace support has not been able to fix the problem for me so far. What could be going on here? Should I be using Disqus or something similar instead? I have multiple word docs detailing people's experiences of being unable to subscribe. The issue is that they can't log in to squarespace.
  3. Thanks Tuan. I did not see your response till now. At the time my site was password protected, now it is not. The site is exp-ther.com
  4. Site URL: https://robin-grasshopper-ftje.squarespace.com Is there custom CSS code that will increase the size of the font of the text by each checkbox within a form? It's so small that it's really hard to read. I've attached a screenshot. See how the questions are nice and readable but the words True/False and the multiple choice options are super small font size. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  5. Site URL: https://robin-grasshopper-ftje.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi Forum - My homepage starts with a banner background video. I was using YouTube to host that video, but YT always shows the title of the video and a "watch more" symbol for the first few seconds, which is distracting and unsightly. A squarespace help person suggested I try a different host. I discovered that Vimeo free version doesn't work with banner videos so I'm using Wistia, which loads more quickly and appears better quality than YT, but now a new problem is happening: at the bottom of the banner video a blue line now appears with a portion of the code used to embed the video in it (screenshots from MacBook and iPhone attached). Does anyone know what that is and how to get rid of it? The Squarespace help person suggested I consult the forum...
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