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  1. No clue where to find site styles to do anything anymore. Doesn't seem possible now in 7.1 to change basic colors and fonts on individual items without making global changes. Pretty dumb and extremely non user friendly anymore. 7.1 is 100% dog shit imo.
  2. Where is this in 7.1?? There are no site styles anymore... WTF WTF WTF
  3. Would this code work in other templates? No luck in mine. Can't tell you what my template is either apparently is it listed anywhere in site settings or account settings once you start building??!! Dumb.
  4. Site URL: https://www.apexgearco.com I am seeking site feedback for my site, apexgearco.com. We have a conversion problem from social media to checkout. Namely, what we're doing online delivers people to the site, yet we're not seeing the sales. Why are people leaving? What is your experience when you land? Are you compelled to move through the sales funnel? Are you motivated to buy? If not, why not? Any insight and feedback is appreciated!
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