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  1. @camilla.ciappina I am having issues on our fallback image not being contained and stretching out on Mobile also in addition to the other banner images. do you have any solutions. I can give you a login.
  2. Hi @brandon, So it works somewhat for us. It is closer to the work we get but are having trouble. It needs to be able to be clickthrough to our video for the client. So what we are trying to accomplish is: >gallery strip >>hover over specific photo >>>when hovering a color semi-transparent color comes over photo with text of project >>>>final part is when we click it takes us to the link associated it with it for the video Lightbox pop up.
  3. Hi @brandon I see this is working somewhat for us. Our goal is to hover over an image in a gallery strip, grid, etc. where our photo overlays a full sized black background with some opacity and then have text on top of it prior to clicking. Any ideas how to tweak the code...please. We have been stuck on it for five or more hours.
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