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  1. hi here is the full link for the code https://www.silvabokis.com/squarespace-tips/how-to-create-hideshow-faqs-in-squarespace
  2. Hi there which template are you using? the code below should work for a template in the brine family. have you written the script as below or have you used an id ref instead of .sqs-block-markdown? var myBlock = $(".sqs-block-markdown").detach(); myBlock.appendTo(".ProductItem-details-excerpt");
  3. Hi, it did manage to make it work. However for some reason adding a CDN script didn't work, I had to copy the code and add it in the footer of the code injection section. There is a more recent version of the code here with responsive speed. Hope it helps Laurent
  4. Hi, here are more detail of how I'm using it. @fucci ids starting with #yui... are dynamic and always change so you cannot use them as a reference. You need to use ids starting with #block. for a start I have used the code from silvabokis using markdown for the accordion feature. I only use markdowns for accordion and I use a brine template. You create the accordion in the Additional Info of your product. The code below insert the accordion after the product description, you can add the script in the footer in the code injection section. <script> $(document).ready(function (){ var myBlock = $(".sqs-block-markdown").detach(); myBlock.appendTo(".ProductItem-details-excerpt"); }) </script> Laurent
  5. try adding this on your custom css, it worked for me. .Header-nav-item--folder a { pointer-events: none; } .Header-nav-folder-item { pointer-events: auto !important; }
  6. In case someone is interested, I have found a solution. In the product Additional Info tab, create your markdown. Then add the following script in the advanced setting code injection: <script> var myBlock = $("#id-of-markdown").detach(); myBlock.appendTo(".ProductItem-details-excerpt"); </script>
  7. Hi guys, I'm a complete newbie and managed to add customisation to my website thanks to the community. I'm stuck here! I would like to have a dropdown accordion - I'm using markdowns to create them - between ProductItem-details-excerpt and product-quantity-input similar to https://schneid.org/shop/kaskad-lamp-big-seashell. can anyone recommend custom code? thanks Laurent
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