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  1. I THINK I have fixed this by removing the scroll bar at the bottom of the page with a css code
  2. I swear I have went through several codes trying to accomplish this & none of them worked or they stopped the scroll completely. I need to take a class in CSS because the code you just sent worked flawlessly & was shorter then any code I've tried yet. Thank you!
  3. nope still haven't found a code that works. it seems the scroll bar at the bottom is only showing up on the About Us page, Our Weddings page & the Pricing & Services page. The bottom scroll does not appear on the Home Page or the book Now page
  4. Site URL: http://pureimagevideography.com Has anyone had any luck removing either the lower or side scroll bar? I don't particularly like either one of them showing on my page but the lower scroll bar is showing a portion of a background image I don't want shown & the scroll bar at the bottom just brings your attention to this issue. Any one have any luck with a code? All the other ones I've tried don't work the way I. was hoping they would.
  5. oh!! THAT worked!! OMG thank you so much!! This looks 10x better!!
  6. no it's not fixed. It's still showing up as stacked on my mobile site.
  7. unfortunately that didn't work. It made no change 😞
  8. yes I used css to send this image to back & to adjust the opacity but for some reason I can't hide the edges on the page from showing this if you scroll that way. Do you know of a way to stop this? I took the backround images off my mobile site for this reason as well.
  9. thank you!! I didn't even realize it would be that easy!
  10. Site URL: http://pureimagevideography.com Does anyone know of a way to add rounded edges to a video AND image block. Seems pretty simple to dd a rounded edge to an image but I'm a videographer so I have a lot of video blocks on my page as well & I would like them all to be uniform. Any Suggestions?
  11. Site URL: http://www.pureimagevideography.com I've been trying to find a css code that can make my logo on my home page larger & place It in the center above the text in the Bedford temp, however I haven't been successful thus far. I found one that moves it slightly to the right & doesn't mess with my navigation bar but I'd really like it to stand out more & be centered. Any suggestions?
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