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  1. Here's an example of the search results page: https://www.spaceflightnewsmedia.com/search?q=spacex&f_collectionId=5dd7fe1484879234de9b7eb2 I would like the search results to show either the Blog Post Title only or the Blog Post Title with the Excerpt Summary, but not a summary that shows every mention of the search phrase within the post, as it does now.
  2. Site URL: http://www.spaceflightnewsmedia.com In the Rally theme, what CSS can I use to show only the Blog Post title in the search results, but hide the blog excerpt in those same results?
  3. Actually, I think I got it! Appreciate the help!!
  4. Thanks Christy! The main Blog List is located here : https://www.spaceflightnewsmedia.com/main-news Essentially, I want the Blog List to display only the DATE PUBLISHED metadata while the individual BLOG POST shows both the date published and the tags associated with it.
  5. How can I go about hiding my secondary metadata (the tags) from the Main Blog List page but keep them visible next to the Post Date on ONLY the individual blog post page? I only wish for the Date metadata to be visible on the Main Blog List. I'm currently working in the Brine theme.
  6. Is it possible to create a horizontal drop down menu that can be applied universally to all pages? I can write one that can be added to the top of the Page Content block for individual pages but would really like to have it added to the bottom of the Header or perhaps a block that can be fit in between the two so that any change made on one page will automatically be carried over to another. Is this possible with this theme or is the sidebar the only way to create a site-wide navigation menu?
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