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  1. Perhaps, I am not understanding the question...if your SS site has a different domain name assigned to it, why would redirecting the old domain name to the new one now work and why would both sites not be live? Please rephrase the question.
  2. I understand what you are saying. On my blog, it looks fine - I say that based on comparing the manually entered/formatted title for the blog versus individual blog entries. www.artbypino.com/blog. SS says that they format it as H1 by design. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002076628-Heading-tags-and-Squarespace
  3. Your sitemap looks good https://www.santabodies.com/sitemap.xml In Google Search Console, if you already haven't re-submitted the above link, do so. It may be that SS didn't have the sitemap updated (sent to Google) when you checked after you moved from your test site to assigning a domain. @pinoshah
  4. @srodrigues hit the nail on the head. @elliotcoulter in reviewing the source code of your website, it shows that there is no description set for your site. Currently, it shows: <meta name="description" content="" /> Here is the one from my site's source code - www.artbypino.com <meta name="description" content="Your 1-stop Shop for Film Photography, 35mm and 120 Medium Format Films in McAllen. Professional Photographer for Architecture and Photography Classes." /> So, when you don't enter any SEO descriptions for the page or the site, you are essentially telling search engines to create them on the fly and hence, you get the random descriptions as you are getting.
  5. I would still do them if I were using a search box for searching the website.
  6. When you type out your [domain]/sitemap.xml, does it show the page you are trying to hide/noindex? If it does then your turning it off is (obviously) not working and SSS should be able to resolve. My experience with some 3rd party tools is that despite turning off SEO (for example, for blog, turning off categories and tags), it still gives me duplication and canonical errors and I just ignore those. Additionally, some pages also are displayed with AMP errors by the crawlers of the 3rd party bots which I also ignore. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/robots-testing-tool?hl=en will show how Google reads your robots.txt and I would go by that rather than what SEMRush says.
  7. Google Search Console, submit or resubmit sitemap and/or URL
  8. I take it that you have requested a re-index or live URL in Search Console?
  9. If the code is already showing in your account, you can manually go to https://ads.google.com/home/ and enter the promotion under Tools & Settings / Billing /Promotions. @pinoshah
  10. Am curious - if the domain name didn't change, is the new content on the new site not using the same URL? That may cause the SEO to take a temporary dip but, remember, eventually SEO is not based on links alone but, content. Meaning, if you changed your content - add/change/remove - that is what will impact SEO. Direct answer to your question - my suggestion is to redirect those old URLs to relevant content on the new site instead of pointing them to unlinked pages. Navigation (menu layout) is a variable in SEO ranking so, having pages there that are not part of your menu but, still accessible via a URL because they are visible may lower ranking. Then, there is the issue of whether those pages have duplicate or similar content to the new ones you created. Now, the crawler is confused as to which one to show when matching a search query. Bite the bullet and do it right. @pinoshah
  11. Do you mean Google's data highlighter? Perhaps, try schema.dev. @pinoshah
  12. Yes, the work around is to generate structured data markup yourself and insert it on the relevant page. It will then work in conjunction with the SS auto-generated markup and resolved the issue. FAIR WARNING - structured data markup is a bit over-bearing. Sites like FIVERR or UPWORK has talent that can help you generate structured data. Alternatively, check out schema.dev tool and see if it works. @pinoshah
  13. What is the index function? Do you mean the option that asks whether you want to hide pages from search engines? Also, where does one find a 'section?' or do you mean tags and categories? @pinoshah
  14. Am a bit confused. You say that you set-up GA on September 2? Right? But, you are comparing data from SS traffic panel to August 13? So, you have verified that on September 2, in GA, there were over a 100 views? @pinoshah
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