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  1. The solution is only somewhat temporary. I created the "Services" blocks as flattened images, but I would really love to utilize responsive text. Do you think it's even possible on Squarespace to implement the same responsive functionality as seen on https://www.markhamgroup.com/services/?
  2. That worked! Thank you! The icons still stack above their respective text block, though. Do you have any suggestion on how to retain positioning *and* scaling, like seen in the examples below? Desktop: Tablet: Mobile: The only workaround I can think of is replacing the whole image & text blocks with flattened image blocks that contain rasterized text. Not ideal at all, but it's really the only way I can think of keeping it all homogenous.
  3. I really appreciate that. This had it working for a second, but then I moved a block around and now I can't figure out the block ID. Using SS Block ID extension in Chrome, and I've gone through every one from top to bottom, replacing the block in the code above.
  4. Site URL: https://therobertpaulgroup.squarespace.com/home On the Services section on https://therobertpaulgroup.squarespace.com/home, I am having trouble scaling the icon images on mobile. They look fine on desktop (below) but I cannot figure out how to retain a max width on mobile. Below are mobile (horiz) and mobile (vert) I am attempting to mimic the styling seen on The Markam Group, which retains scale and position across desktop and mobile: https://www.markhamgroup.com/services/ So far I've tried the following code (with proper block code
  5. Could you guide me in the right direction on how to apply this to a simple image block? I'd like to have an image block span the entire width of the page container, but cannot figure it out!
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