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  1. Thanks, Paul, for the explanation. That makes sense.
  2. Why is the url for linked files always static1.squarespace... instead of starting with my domain? Seems somewhat unprofessional. Not a big deal for my club’s website, but if it was for my business, I would want all files under my domain name.
  3. I agree. It seems there should be an option to have new images added to the top. When you have a lot of galleries that have new images added every month, that would be a real time saver!
  4. Thanks. The site is not public yet but it should be in about a week. I am not a coder so I was hoping that ability was built into squarespace.
  5. Thanks, Paul, for the detailed reply. Very helpful being able to delete files no longer needed.
  6. Thanks. That's what I was afraid of.
  7. When I upload files, I do not see an option to put them in folders. Do all my uploaded files just go into 1 place? It seems as time goes on it will get really messy. Is there a way to organize uploaded files?
  8. In 7.1, I have a button in the header with a link to another website. I don't see a way to replace the button with an image that will still link to the website. Can that be done?
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