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  1. Hi @jwharton did you manage to figure out what was happening? I think this is happening to me too but haven't found anything about it.
  2. never mind it worked. Is there a way to make every box the same size no matter the amount of text?
  3. @brandon Should I be adding that to the java script or the CSS?
  4. Thank you! Yes I tried doing it editing the source CSS but I don't know how. Could you provide an example of that code and where it would be placed?
  5. Hi brandon. This has been working great but can the description boxes be placed under the image instead of on top. I tried adding a bottom and top line in the CSS code but if I do the box disappears.
  6. hi @brandon this has been working great for me but is there a way to have the description box under the image instead of on top of it?
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