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  1. Can you explain how to do that? (Sorry, I am new to this)
  2. My site isn't live and I don't want to make it live with this issue. Is there a way for you to view my site without it being live? The URL is understandingimpact.com
  3. I want certain links to jump to certain sections on a page. For example, I have a section called "evaluation". I added a code block containing only <p id="evaluation"></p> and made it really small and put it inside the evaluation section of the page. I have a link to understandingimpact.com/services/#evaluation. The link goes to the evaluation section of the services page, but it jumps to close to the bottom of the evaluation section, not the top. My code block is tiny and right at the top so I don't know why this is happening. I have three sections on this page, each with a code b
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