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  1. Found out why I cannot buy a .com.au. Turns out squarespace does not offer most country specific domains like .au or .jp Squarespace should really mention this on thier pricing page. Details: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206541907
  2. Hi, I am setting up a website and plan to pay for the Basic squarespace package of AU$16/m, Annually $192. As I am aware this package comes with a free Domain name registration as well. I am trying to get a .com.au domain in the search it's not coming up. For example. If I type "example" in the search it does not list country specific domain like example.co.uk or example.com.au. How can I register example.com.au from squarespace? PS I tried "example.com.au" in the search it just lists examplecomau.agency or examplecomau.casa\ Thanks
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