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  1. Site URL: https://www.jumpstarthealth.co/the-health-storm There is a huge gap between the banner and page content on this page. Any suggestions on how to reduce the padding between the two as it is not available as an option in the Style Editor with my theme.
  2. @christypriceThat worked, thanks! Where do I find the collection-id in case I run into this elsewhere?
  3. Site URL: https://www.jumpstarthealth.co/about-us I am needing to make the heading font color that is the banner image on this page white, but the code that I usually use is not working. Suggestions?
  4. @christypriceThat worked! Thanks so much. After changing it, I think I'd like to make the Header text blue then the subheader text the dark color. Is there way to do that?
  5. I have tried any and all code to try and change the color of the banner text on one of my banners but have been unsuccessful. I need both the header and subheader text to be #051920. www.healinginnovations.com/home-2
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